Thank you! 5K Visitors!

Today we reached 5,000 visitors to the site! Thank you so much fellow Bourbon Evangelists! We know we aren’t the best at updating, but we really do try to put out quality content that gives listeners something a little different. We appreciate you all giving us a reason to drink more bourbon and research it way more than we probably should!

We are still in the works for our live tasting event, so details will come for that as soon as we get them. We’re also planning to do some merchandise for that event and possibly a single barrel pick. If you have any thoughts on a glass design, let us know in the comments!


In Which We Introduce a New Tasting Scale and Taste Some Albino Bears and Giraffes

So we swear the plan was to record the first part of our Prohibition Trilogy this weekend while we were both in the same place, but due to some additional sources being found and Judas Priest blowing our minds, we didn’t get it done. Never fear, we did get something recorded for our loyal Bourbon Evangelists though! Enjoy as we review a couple finds from bourbon season and get Darren’s opinion on Maker’s Mark Cask Strength. Guest taster Michaela joins in on the fun (not the gymnast).

We also introduce our new rating system in this cast. In an effort to combat traditional 1-100 scales where even the likes of Colonel Lee and Yellowstone seem to manage 75/100, we are starting a 1-5 barrel rating. We describe it in the cast, but basically a 0.5 is rubbing alcohol (or Yellowstone) and a 5 is something reserved only for transcendent bourbon experiences. We also introduce our rarity scale, which goes from Squirrel to Unicorn. I’ll let you listen to the cast to get how we came up with that. Hope you enjoy!

Listen here!

Here’s what we’re tasting:

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2014

Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition Barrel Strength 2014

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength 1st Release

We’re On Our Way Back


Fellow Bourbon Evangelists,

Our big announcement is that we’re biting the bullet and are going to give you an in-depth study of that horrible, dry, wasteland in our national history: Prohibition. The 18th Amendment to our great Constitution.

This topic is big. We aren’t messing around. You will get three (3) sections, over three (3) podcasts:

A Nation of Drunks: Drinking in America before Prohibition

A Nation of Criminals: Drinking During Prohibition

A Nation of Mixed Drinkers: Drinking After the 21st Amendment

These three segments will be the meat of our next three podcasts. You’ll still get our usual podcast content as well: News, Bourbon Cocktail of the Day, Tasting, and 2/2 M.D.’s agree. We’ve been researching and reading quite a bit, it’s going to be great, and we hope you enjoy it! Throw one back for freedom in the meantime!

P.S. If you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter at @BOTBBourbon or on our Facebook page here. We try and update these a lot with stuff that isn’t big enough for the podcast blog. Particularly now that it’s bourbon hunting season!

Old Weller Antique vs. Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, A Brief Musing

So in the amazing response we’ve had to our Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Review (wow, 3500 visitors came fast), we had an interesting question arise. What would happen if Maker’s Cask Strength was pitted against Old Weller Antique 107. Here are my brief thoughts:

The noses are remarkably similar. I do pick up the slightly higher ethanol content of the Maker’s, as well as a slightly more rough around the edges character. There is  bit more baking spice as well as a more graham cracker scent on the Maker’s, but also more of the raw white dog/moonshine overtones. Overall these are very, very similar though. 

On tasting, the amazing fullness we’ve grown to love on the Weller comes to fruition. The dried fruit and apple pie-like notes soar in the Weller and continue on the long finish. I also pick up more tannins on the Weller. I still get the salted caramel I found on the Maker’s upon initial tasting, but side by side I find the OWA a far richer experience. 

Overall, both are good, but especially for the price, I’m still a big fan of the OWA.